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From the Latin, “CURA”, meaning Care.

We are a family company with 28 years experience manufacturing specialist Bariatric chairs from the simplest to the most complex requirements.

When other companies say it can’t be done, we carry on!

We as a company don’t believe it can’t be done. Anything’s Possible!

Our expertise lies in highly specialist seating and we often close the hardest cases in the UK! We have designed our Neurological chairs under physio guidance and have followed the needs of our clients, learning from each one!

We have designed the most sophisticated Bariatric seating in the world focusing on client requirements such as transfers, leg elevation and pressure relief.

We have also designed a solution for Muscular Dystrophy needs such as transfers, pressure relief and the patented electronic lift up arm for side transfers, which can also aid the user to get up after a fall.

All of our chairs can be modified on site as conditions change. By doing alterations on site, we can avoid inconveniencing the client by leaving them without the chair.

We manufacture and support everything in-house in the UK; design, fabrication, woodwork, upholstery, installation and back up support.