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The frame movement “Tilt in Space Bariatric Dual Action” means that this is a four motor chair that uses a tilt action with an independent foot and and back rest option

Patient safety key on hand set as standard:

Why have a safety key on a hand set?

This is a strong piece of apparatus which moves with great strength and could propose a risk to children/pets as the chair and foot rest goes up and down.

The question should always be asked on the risk assessment if there are any children/pets that could play with the chair.

The Attollo XL has a safety key fitted as
standard, if the safety key is removed the chair will not function.

The Attollo XL is supported by the latest
"Tilt in Space, Multi Functional Position Bariatric Seating Technology”.

Most chairs available on the market cater for the elderly and not so much for the young. So we at CURA SEATING have developed a more modern and contemporary design which will fit in with a more modern decor.

The Attollo XL has been designed and developed over 12 years towards Bariatric needs; getting into the chair, sitting in the chair and standing from the chair.

Having a strong reliable foot rest whilst the legs are elevated can help with fluid reduction in Edematous Legs.

The Attollo XL backrest is a Waterfall back with an adjustable filling called Dacron. There are three pillows which are attached with velcro onto the backrest. The zipped pillows give easy access to the Dacron which can be manipulated to give soft moulded support.

The patented Electric Lift Up Arm can be added to the Attollo XL, allowing for wheelchair transfers.

You can choose between two styles of arms:

1) Fabric Tear Boxed Arm, which is a foamed up tear shaped box fabric arm.

2) Wooden Edged Tear Boxed Arm, which is a foamed up tear shaped box arm with a designer wooden edge for stability. Available in Mahogany, Medium Oak & Natural Beech.

The Atollo XL is a highly specialist
Made-to-Measure chair,
which can be made to any dimension as indicated on the MADE TO MEASURE chart.

Air pressure relief in seat as standard:
Why the pressure relief? All bariatric clients
are at risk of developing pressure sores, so
we at CURA SEATING build in pressure
relief as standard.
Due to factors of bariatric seating, It is
important to have a home assessment with
client and have the client seated in the
chair for a least 1 hour. This will allow you
to see that the pressure relief is working for
the client.

Frame Action Tilt in Space Dual
Seat to Floor Height ↓17" -18"+ 24"↑
Seat Width ↓26" -30"+ 36"↑
Seat Depth ↓18" -20"+ 24"↑
Arm to Seat Height ↓05" -10"+ 13"↑
Back Height ↓26" -30"+ 36"↑
Back Style Waterfall
Pressure Relief Air / Memory Foam
Max Frame Weights 35st to 80st
Leg Lift 30st
Wooden Knuckle Arm Natural / Walnut / Mahogany