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The frame movement “Tilt in Space Muti Dual Action” means that this is a three motor chair that uses a tilt action with an independent foot and back rest.

The CURA AIR CHAIR is a Modern Designed, Independent Tilt in Space Multi Dual Movement Care Chair.

A lot of previous neurological chairs on the market have been very institutionalized and used more in a hospital environment. So we at CURA SEATING have developed a more modern and contemporary design that meets the specialist needs and at the same time more visually acceptable.

There are no limits to tailoring this chair!

There can not be! Because the need is there!

We at Cura Seating will help you find a seating solution!

The Cura Air Chair backrest is a Thoracic back with an adjustable filling called Dacron which is attached with velcro onto the backrest. There is also an optional detachable head pillow The zipped pillows give easy access to the Dacron allowing the back to be manipulated to give soft moulded support.

The patented Electric Lift Up Arm can be added to the Cura Air Chair, allowing for wheelchair transfers.

The Cura Air Chair is battery powered and will give you one hundred movements on a single charge.

The Cura Air Chair is a highly specialist
Made-to-Measure chair,
which can be made to any dimesion as indicated on the MADE TO MEASURE chart.

Frame Action Tilt in Space Dual
Seat to Floor Height ↓10" -20"+ 20"↑
Seat Width ↓10" -20"+ 30"↑
Seat Depth ↓16" -20"+ 24"↑
Arm to Seat Height ↓05" -06"+ 12"↑
Back Height ↓26" -30"+ 36"↑
Back Style Thoracic
Pressure Relief Air / Memory Foam
Max Frame Weights 20st to 25st