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Introducing the Electric Lift Up Arm, designed for wheelchair side transfers.

This patented technology will allow a wheelchair user to transfer sideways from their wheelchair to the recliner chair. Jest press the button on the handset and the arm will lift up, giving easier access to transfer accross into the seat.

The Electric Lift Up Arm is an option for all of our highly-customizeable chairs.

For more information please contact us!

Patient safety key on hand set as standard:

Why have a safety key on a hand set?

This is a strong piece of apparatus which moves with great strength and could propose a risk to children/pets as the chair and foot rest goes up and down.

The question should always be asked on the risk assessment if there are any children/pets that could play with the chair.

The Attollo XL has a safety key fitted as
standard, if the safety key is removed the chair will not function.